Henderson Benefit Auctions

Ross Henderson: Specialist in Benefit / Charity / Fundraiser Auctions

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Dedicated To Your Live Auction Event’s Success

Ross is your biggest asset, partnering with you, providing consultation to help organize your Benefit / Charity / Fundraiser auction. A profitable, smooth running, low stress event is every auction chairperson’s goal. Teaming with Ross goes a long way to accomplish that goal.

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Proven ideas & concepts

Ross is expert at maximizing the Fund a Need / Raise the Paddle segment of a fundraising auction.

More than just your bid caller

Ross is a dynamic, engaging benefit auctioneer who becomes an on stage ambassador for your nonprofit organization’s mission. Ross wins the heart of the attendees as he coaxes generous bidding.


Prestigious Benefit Auctioneer Specialist Qualifications

The Benefit Auction Specialist (BAS) designation is earned by taking specialized advanced training from the National Auctioneer’s Association (NAA). 
To qualify, an auctioneer studies the BAS curriculum, logs classroom hours, participates in field work and passes the BAS test. Only a small number of North American auctioneers hold the BAS Designation.


Exciting & Fun for all

Even the attendees who don’t get caught up in the bidding  action have a great time cheering bidders. Enthusiasm is contagious. Everybody participates in the Fund a Need / Raise the Paddle / Special Ask.

Ambassador and an energizing salesperson

On stage Ross is your ambassador, promoting your nonprofit, energizing your crowd.

Benefits of a Live Auction

  • A live auction is just plain fun.
  • Attendees cheer bidders on and applaud winners.
  • Winners are happy they contributed to your cause.
  • It raises money too.

more Benefits

  • A live auction is a chance for donors to meet and greet.
  • Generates enthusiasm for your mission.
  • Provides funds to carry out your mission.
  • Unites your community around your cause.